Momentum for Sustainability

Facilitation and process design for a changing world

Today’s challenges for
tomorrow’s world

It’s time to be bold.

  • We see injustice, inequality, exclusion everywhere in our societies – and we say: enough.
  • We see how our economic system delivers climate change and biodiversity loss – and want no part in that.
  • We’re taking a stand for just and equitable societies on a thriving planet – and we’re building the organizations we need for them. Every day.

This work needs courage, and it needs community.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Superpowers for momentum

We’re building momentum with empathy, agency and persistence.

  • Empathy because this work needs people with many perspectives. Engaging beyond our differences helps us see the bigger picture and allows us to come up with better solutions.
  • Agency because we can’t always wait for a full analysis or official permission before we start. We take responsibility for our own context and ask: Is it good enough for now? Is it safe enough to try?
  • Persistence because we’re in it for the long run. We take time to learn, to review and to take care of one another – and we build systems and structures that work.

OUR CLIENTS include many amazing NGOs and campaigners, multistakeholder coalitions and projects, funders and other supporting organizations, such as:

Partnering for transformative change

The core of our work – facilitation – is the art of making things easy. Together, we explore your Purpose and Context, jointly define potential Outcomes and finally develop (and implement) a Process how to get from here to there.

Meaningful change can happen at many levels, and all of them matter. Let’s start where we can:

Systems change requires organisational change requires personal change.

And the other way around.

"What we practice at a small scale can reverberate to the largest scale"

adrienne maree brown

Personal clarity and coaching

It all starts with a conversation. Time with a trained coach can help you gain clarity for difficult decisions, complex situations or emotional alignment.

Meaningful group processes and facilitation

The way forward is complex – and needs us to work together effectively. Facilitation helps groups communicate through differences, get things done and build a sense of community.

Systems change and organisational transformation

Real change takes time. We design and deliver custom transformation processes, informed by agile principles and a complexity lens.



Let’s talk! Drop us a line to explore working together.

Frequently asked questions

Conflict can be a real catalyst for change – and an external party is often crucial to create a space for generative conflict transformation. We’re happy to help you get started – or refer a specialist mediator.

Many of us have understood that equity and justice needs to be at the heart of the change we seek – and we struggle with practical steps towards this. There are many amazing facilitators and trainers specializing on this topic – we can provide an introduction and refer you.