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What we do

Partnering for transformative change

The core of our work – facilitation – is the art of making things easy. Together, we explore your Purpose and Context, jointly define potential Outcomes and finally develop (and implement) a Process how to get from here to there.

Meaningful change can happen at many levels, and all of them matter. Let’s start where we can:

Systems change requires organisational change requires personal change.

And the other way around.

"What we practice at a small scale can reverberate to the largest scale"

adrienne maree brown

Personal clarity & coaching

It all starts with a conversation. Time with a trained coach can help you gain clarity for difficult decisions, complex situations or emotional alignment. Together, we can work out what is important, overcome obstacles and develop options and possibilities for next steps – for yourself or a wider change process you are involved in.

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Meaningful group processes and facilitation

The way forward is complex – and needs us to work together effectively. An external facilitator can help groups communicate through differences, get things done and build a sense of community. Together, we shape the objectives and agenda, host the group process and capture results and learning.

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Systems change and organisational transformation

Real change takes time. We design and deliver custom transformation processes, informed by agile principles and a complexity lens. We accompany you through multi-stakeholder participation, emergent strategy development and distributed organizational learning. We can bring a diverse team of colleagues to support larger processes.

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